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Chicken Hawk Racing

Chicken Hawk Racing Professional Pole Position (Three Temps) Tire Warmers

Chicken Hawk Racing Professional Pole Position (Three Temps) Tire Warmers

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  • Unique “Full Coverage” Heater Design with only 9mm spacing – provides uniform heating across heating area and surface of tire.
  • Nomex Insulation for Maximum Heat Retention
  • Gentex Aluminized Kevlar Exterior (Adds Insulation Value and is Water & Tear Resistant.)
  • Dupont Fiber Melt-Proof Inner Liner with Temperature Sensitive Dye (Shows misuse or malfunction.)
  • Neoprene Side Panels (Assists in insulating wheel and blocks wind.)
  • Quick Disconnect Power Cord on All Models
  • Carrying Case for All Models


  • Temperature Settings – High – 195°F / 91°C | Low – 130°F / 54°C | Medium – 175°F / 79C
  • Exterior Fabric – Aluminized Kevlar
  • Insulation – Felted Nomex & PE
  • Heating Element – High Density-8mm Spacing
  • Color – Chrome


The “Full Coverage” heater design of the Professional Line provides UNIFORM heat across the heating area and surface of tire.

The redesigned heating element is HALF the diameter of our standard element, producing a much greater density (185′ compared to 85′ of total heating element). The result is a controlled heat-up, lower surface temperatures, and more evenly distributed heat.

  • Proprietary Felted Insulation made of an Aramid Fiber is added to retain heat.
  • DTC3 Temperature Controller
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