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Pirelli Scorpion Trail II

Pirelli Scorpion Trail II

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A new path for adventure.

  • Aggressive off-road look.
  • Sport touring and Enduro performance blended into one product.
  • Bi-compound.
  • Increased mileage.
  • Top level handling throughout the entire life.
  • Improved wet performance.
  • Specialized tread pattern for efficient water evacuation and confidence feeling on wet surfaces.
  • Sport touring derived profile and structure for optimized contact patch area providing dynamic behavior also with full load.
  • Bi-compound provides adaptable behavior of the tire for extra mileage and grip on wet surfaces.


Some motorcycle models can come from the manufacturer with either street oriented tires or trail oriented tires. The street oriented tires typically will have a higher speed capability than the trail oriented tires. If the street oriented tires are replaced by the trail oriented tires, the motorcycle's top speed will then be limited to the speed rating of the trail tires. A warning sticker advising of the lower speed rating should be affixed to the motorcycle where it is readily visible to the rider. For any questions, consult with the motorcycle manufacturer.

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