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Pirelli Night Dragon

Pirelli Night Dragon

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Where performance meets the road: a specific tire for high-performance Harley-Davidson and custom motorcycles. Better adherence, road holding and look than standard tires for custom / cruiser motorcycles. Designed for custom motorcyclists that need tires with high performance on the straight and inclining, but with excellent grip and a higher mileage.

  • Excellent performance and great fun to ride with a good balance between reliability and life of the tire.
  • Optimized for the new V-twin engines with more power and higher torque.
  • EPT technology of sporting derivation to optimize the area of contact in order to ensure great stability at high speeds and lightning acceleration.
  • DOT approved.

Tire technologies:

  • EPT: Optimization of the profile, structure and tread pattern for 8% more contact area, thus more power transmitted to the ground.
  • New full / empty ratio for more tread on the ground, improving safety and grip even in the wet leading to traction and adherence on all surfaces.
  • New structure is resistant but not too rigid, deformable and flexible but not elastic for easy steering.

Technical data:

  • The Contact Patch is the Key Element in Delivering Maximum Product Performance: New dimension, new shape, allows use of more durable compounds with increased levels of grip, 10% larger contact patch.
  • New Structure. The Ideal Balance Between Stiffness and Flexibility: New front and rear profile, supports the bike at every lean angle, optimized pressure distribution on the contact patch, unbeatable dampening properties, best pressure distribution, high level of riding comfort.
  • How to Deliver the Power to the Ground: Grooves concentrated exactly where needed, ideal balance between style and performance.
  • Aggressive Directional Tread Design: Tread grooves layout optimized to ensure uniform and quick warm up, stability and traction.
  • New Sea / Land Balance: Compact tread design maximizes the contact patch, more rubber on the ground to ensure traction and grip in every situation, drainage.
  • Wet or Dry: The Emotion Never Ends: Front tire tread designed to cut water layer, clearing the tarmac for rear tread, the calibrated grooves between rear center section and edges of the rear effectively disperse the residual water, structure keeps tread grooves open in dynamic conditions.
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