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At 612 Moto, we're more than just a motorcycle shop; we're a dedicated team of local enthusiasts committed to keeping your ride smooth and safe. Specializing in expert motorcycle repairs and professional tire changes, we ensure every bike that rolls into our shop receives top-notch care and precision workmanship.

Your Go-To Source for Quality Tires and More

We understand the importance of quality tires for a safe and enjoyable ride. That's why we're constantly updating our inventory with the newest and most popular options. Can't find the tire you're looking for on our website? No problem! Just give us a call or drop us a message – our friendly staff is always ready to assist and source what you need.

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Being locally owned, we value the strong connections we've built with our fellow riders. We invite you to be a part of our community:

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Your Trust, Our Commitment

At 612 Moto, your trust is our biggest motivator. We're dedicated to providing you with quality service and products, ensuring that your motorcycle adventures are always safe and enjoyable.

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