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Metzeler Roadtec Z8 Interact

Metzeler Roadtec Z8 Interact

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The new Metzeler Roadtec Z8 Interact allows the rider to keep everything under control. The tire follows the rider's instincts with a sublime blend of precise and effortless handing.

  • The new Roadtec Z8 Interact is designed to make riding easier, regardless of the motorcycle - for a long and safe experience.
  • The new tire contour together with the patented profile design improves handling and reduces steering effort significantly - for maximum confidence in all riding conditions.
  • New design: The profile shape, inspired by the Greek letter "Pi", maximizes the flexibility of the profile, thus ensuring an optimum tire footprint under in all conditions. The 3-zone-tension Interact Technology gives outstanding mileage and sporty cornering grip.
  • A new high silica compound with nano particles ensures performance and safety in all weather conditions.
  • The best wet performance in the Sport Touring segment.
  • Note: The wet weather handling of motorcycle tires, and especially the braking performance in wet conditions, is becoming an increasingly important feature demanded by the rider. This rider requirement occurs especially if it suddenly rains and a high level of security is needed. Metzeler has decided to develop the new (M) and (O) specifications to provide motorcyclists the latest technology in terms of wet grip by retaining a high level of performance in all other areas. The rear tire of the specifications (M) and (O) has a bi-compound mixture. The rubber compound in the central section of the tread area, depending on the tire size, is on average 45 mm wide, with a 70% silica content specifically designed for higher mileage and stability at high speeds. The tire shoulders comprise of approximately 88 mm on each side of the profile and have a 100% silica compound, which increases dramatically the chemical grip in the wet and reduces sliding under all conditions. The front tire also consists of a 100% silica compound.

Tire Properties:

  • Multi-Zone tension steel belt allowing for progressive variation of carcass stiffness which gives long mileage combined with high grip at lean.
  • High Silica compound allows for chemical grip on wet surfaces for reduced braking distance and increased safety feeling on wet.
  • "Pi"-shaped tread design for efficient water drainage making for safety on wet roads with a hi-tech look.

Technical Data:

Steel radial:

Innovative belt structure with a single ply of steel cords wrapped around a radial carcass at 0. Patented high performance technology by Metzeler for both front and rear tires. Steel features a higher stiffness than textile and this allows the reduction of the tire weight. Steel radial belt reduces the dynamic deformation of the tire under centrifugal forces giving the tire an excellent high-speed stability. Thanks to the more uniform heat distribution, mileage is increased and wear characteristics are more uniform.

Metzeler Advanced Winding:

"Metzeler Advanced Winding" is a patented system for optimum spacing between the cords of the 0 steel belt. In certain sections of the tire, the steel cords are wound with different spacing depending on the performance requirements on that particular area of the tire. On both front and rear tire the spacing is wider in the crown area for more elasticity and self-damping. For sections of the tire used for mid lean, there is increased stiffness to support fast cornering. On the shoulder area on the rear tire, the spacing is again wider for safe feedback and control when riding towards full lean.

Contour Modeling Technology:

Advanced design technology of the tire contour is tuned to meet high performance riding demanded on the latest bikes. A combination of different profiles on front and rear are optimized to be complimentary at any given angle of lean. The final contour design of the tire set features the best aspects of performance for every riding style on all of the latest bikes: predictability, feedback at the limit of grip and cornering stability.

Interact - Multi Zone Tension:

Modular steel string winding tension: the performance of the compound depends on the stiffness of the structure. Performance exactly where needed for maximum adaptability to different riding styles.

Fine Carbon Matrix:

"Fine Carbon Matrix" compound structure. This new compound has been obtained using the last generation of high-performance raw materials for a quicker adaptability to a wider range of conditions, going from cold to warm, from wet to dry. This new structure ensures the highest level of grip both in dry and in wet conditions, thus maintaining extremely high mileage characteristics.

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