Pirelli MT 90 A/T Pirelli MT 90 A/T Pirelli MT 90 A/T
Pirelli MT 90 A/T Pirelli MT 90 A/T Pirelli MT 90 A/T

Pirelli MT 90 A/T


Tires for Enduro road races of all engine sizes, capable of adapting to daily urban use and to adventures at weekends.

  • Flexibility of use on asphalt roads and on rough ground, with high levels of road holding and safety on all types of surface.
  • Tread with large central blocks for a more stable ride and V arrangement for the maximum grip in traction and braking.
  • Optimized carcass for best stability at high speeds even at full load.
  • Compound with balanced silica content capable of ensuring high mileage and better grip on both dry and wet surfaces.
  • V arrangement of blocks: Stability on braking and regular wear of the tread - feeling of safety and high mileage.
  • Differentiated structure of the carcass x-ply or reinforced radial: Optimized ride even with full loads - stability and driving precision for tortuous roads, flexibility and structural resistance for dirt roads.
  • Different compounds for front and rear tires: Stable performance in a wide range of temperatures and in wet surface conditions - easy road holding, grip in the wet and excellent resistance off road.
  • DOT approved.