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Michelin Pilot Street Radial

Michelin Pilot Street Radial

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The radial revolution for added riding enjoyment on smaller motorcycles

Stability and handling

  • Thanks to the radial construction their supple sidewalls absorb the impact of imperfections in the road surface for extra comfort and stability at high speeds. The contact patch, shorter but wider than that of a bias tire, provides added grip even at extreme angles when cornering.

Grip on wet surfaces

  • Their 100% silica rubber compound makes all the difference on wet roads when combined with the deep, effective tread grooving.


  • Radial tires have an even contact patch pressure in use, which is designed to provide more even tread wear and a longer useful life.

An attractive, sporty style

  • The design is directly inspired by our Sport Touring Radial range and their tread pattern is adapted from the MICHELIN Pilot Road 2 tires
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