Liquid Performance Ice Water Non-Glycol Racing Coolant.

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Liquid Performance Ice Water Non-Glycol Racing Coolant is a water based coolant designed for racing engines of all types. This innovative product contains no glycols, poly glycols or phosphates making it an environmentally friendly product. Liquid Performance Ice Water Racing Coolant contains a broad spectrum corrosion inhibitor package and is premixed with pure deionized water for protection against ferrous and non-ferrous degradation and corrosion. Proprietary ingredients are designed to provide maximum heat transfer in the most extreme temperatures and operating conditions allowing for greater horsepower without overheating. Meets the most stringent racing specifications and is AMA Pro Racing, WERA, CCS, and ASRA track approved for all race classes. Virtually non toxic and biodegradable. Available in 64 oz. and 1 gallon bottles.