Graves Pro Dual Temp Tire Warmers Graves Pro Dual Temp Tire Warmers Graves Pro Dual Temp Tire Warmers
Graves Pro Dual Temp Tire Warmers Graves Pro Dual Temp Tire Warmers Graves Pro Dual Temp Tire Warmers

Graves Pro Dual Temp Tire Warmers


Graves Motorsports Pro Dual Temp Motorcycle Tire Warmers with digital quick function display.

These are the newest spec tire warmers from Graves Motorsports. Graves Yamaha has a serious pedigree in racing on the pavement and everyone knows you need hot tires before entering the race track at speed. These warmers have powered the Monster Energy Graves Yamaha riders to 7 Moto America / AMA Superbike championships, 8  600cc national titles, 4 Super Moto national titles, 2 1000 Superstock national titles!

Rear tire fitment : 180 - 205 Front Tire fitment :  120. Pricing includes both front and rear tire warmers, digital display and plug along with a nylon carry bag. 

Note: These warmers are SPEC for 120 volts power sources at those settings the warmers will heat to 80c-90c (can be adjusted to any lower temperature as well) within 30 minutes. Generator requirements are 1050 watts (set requires 1200 continuous) - at those settings 80c-90c will be reached in approximately 45 minutes. 

  • Featuring all new Neoprene Side Panels and Graves Motorsports Gas Station Logo!
  • Front and rear independently adjustable temp setting via digital display
  • Hot tire pressure is more important than ever. These neoprene sides additionally insulate the tire and wheel, and help block wind blowing across your rims. The elastic stretch also provides a smooth fit!
  • The most durable warmers in the paddock are easiest/fastest to take on and off and have raised the bar once again.
  • Fast and effective heat up, even on cold days- Temperatures adjustable up to 90c
  • Melt-Proof inner liner (with heat sensitive dye to show mis-use or mal-function)
  • Operating LED display shows temps (RED when heating and GREEN when full temp is reached)
  • Dupont Nomex/Kevlar Insulation to keep the heat in and set Hot Pressures- Heat the entire carcass deep down
  • Built Tough - Codura Exterior & high impact temperature controllers, full coverage Heating Elements
  • QUALITY & PRICE - designed & built in the USA, these warmers are 2nd to none and is one of the most economically priced!

Benefits of Tire Warmers

  • Most racers and track day riders want tire warmers to avoid cold tire crashes and to go fast right from the green flag.
  • It is true that these are two clear advantages of using Tire Warmers, but there are other benefits that are equally important. A Tire Warmer provides the ability to tune and manage tires in the paddock beyond the grip offered on the opening laps:
  • Go Fast from the Green Flag
  • Set Hot Tire Pressures in the Pits
  • Avoid "cold tearing" tires
  • Save "Heat Cycles" by keeping tire warm in between sessions
  • Tires last longer
  • Hot rubber grips the track surface better since not only does the coefficient of friction increase, but the Tire’s ability to form the track surface through "mechanical keying" is increased