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Conti Tour Conti Tour Conti Tour

Conti Tour


Continental Conti Tour Tires

The Conti Tour is optimized for increased mileage and wet traction capabilities. A reinforced carcass provides a comfortable ride despite heavy loads and delivers predictable handling. 


  • Dual reinforcement belts
  • Nylon and aramid carcass plies
  • 6-9mm groove widths for superior drainage
  • Mileage Plus Technology significantly extends mileage while maintaining exceptional handling
  • Eligible for Continental's free 3 year roadside warranty

Continental Flat Tire Roadside Assistance: FREE coverage with the purchase of any Continental Motorcycle Tire.

Three (3) year complimentary flat tire change or towing up to 150 miles at no charge. Tires must be registered online at within 45 days of purchase to qualify for Flat Tire Roadside Assistance. Coverage is valid on replacement passenger, light truck and motorcycle tire purchases valid after March 15, 2017. For more information, please see the attached Continental Flat Tire Roadside Assistance information sheet.