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Brembo 19RCS Brake Master Cylinder

Brembo 19RCS Brake Master Cylinder

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The Brembo RCS 19mm has been designed for the rider who requires more brake performance and variation in brake lever feel when compared to a stock master cylinder.  RCS offers flexibility to change the brake lever ratio at the turn of a screw. This would enable the rider to decide on the 19 x 20 option normally used on the street or the 19 x 18 option which is suited to track day or amateur racing. This option is achieved by the use of an eccentric drive which is turned by the simple screw mechanism and has a color-coded pivot rod end that allows the rider at a glance to understand the current setting.

  • 19mm RCS is designed for use on twin rotor systems with axial (non-floating) or 4 piston radial calipers.
  • Body- Produced from a forged aluminum alloy and then partially CNC machined with a final finish of hard anodizing.
  • Piston- The piston seals and push rod are the same specification as the parts used in WSB and MotoGP offering exact tolerances .
  • Lever- Each RCS is fitted with a folding lever made from forged aluminum with a black finish and the Brembo racing logo. Levers can be purchased separately as half or full lever kits.

Micro Switch -The kit comes complete with a micro switch for the rear brake light.

We suggest using the Brembo Brake Reservoir Mounting Kit, as it includes a reservoir, bracket, hardware and tubing.

The 19RCS Corsa Corta, 19RCS, and 17RCS, include a double banjo bolt with 4 copper washers. This will work if you have a 2 brake lines coming off the master cylinder. If you only have 1 line off the master you will need a M10x1.0 Single Banjo Bolt

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