Bonamici Rearsets for Yamaha

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Bonamici Rear Sets are made using Aluminium Billet CNC Technology. Rear sets use Bearings to completely eliminate Friction on the foot lever and feature a spring-loaded rear brake lever return. All rear sets are available in standard Black Anodized finish making them Strong, Attractive, and Resistant to Mechanical or Chemical Wear.

To give you optimum foot grip, position, and clearance for racing, track days, or canyon carving the Bonamici rear sets have highly adjustable foot peg locations allowing movement down & up and forward & back from stock position.  Kit consists of the rear set plates, foot pegs, heel guards and all of the needed hardware (shift rods, etc…) to install including SAE Grade 8 Bolt Hardware. A low-strength thread locking agent (i.e. Loctite Threadlocker Blue 242) is Highly Recommended to be applied to ALL retaining bolts during installation. Please note some models with ABS may need to replace the rear brake line. *In order to maintain the rear brake light functionality, you will need to install an inline brake pressure switch.

Optional Folding Toe Pegs and Inline Brake Pressure Switch Shown Below