Woodcraft Rearstands

All stands are the same right? Not exactly. We interviewed top mechanics and asked them what they feel are the most important features in a stand. The overwhelming responses were: low lift effort, clearance for working, and wheel design (for ease of rolling and stability). We incorporated these features into our full-range Woodcraft Wheel Stands, all proudly built in the USA.

3 Different Stands in One

We're excited to introduce our NEW rear stand for 2017! Our rear stand now comes in

  • Pad, for bikes without spools/hooks
  • Spool, using standard round spools
  • Superbike Lifter, using low profile hooks for aerodynamics and durability

The laser etched, removable uprights allows you to swap between stands in less than ten seconds and they make transport life much easier for you.



Woodcraft stands provide the highest standard in the Industry for our stand wheels. NEW QUAD 5" wheels are unmatched for both stability and their ability to roll smoothly over rough surfaces.

Stronger, Lighter

1.5" OD base handle allows you lift the stand with low physical effort without sacrificing stability or work space.

Integrated Axle and Hardware Holders

Keep your axle and hardware off the floor and from rolling around in the dirt.

"My 12 year old daughter has no problem putting my SV on this stand....perfect." -Ted Temple

Due to the size of the box needed to ship our stands, shipping quotes from the site may not be 100% accurate. If you have a question regarding the shipping cost, please call us so we can give you an accurate quote.