Pirelli Scorpion Rally Pirelli Scorpion Rally
Pirelli Scorpion Rally Pirelli Scorpion Rally

Pirelli Scorpion Rally


The choice of champions: specifically for desert racing and rallies. Dual-sport tires at work!

  • An innovative manufacturing process capable of producing a compound very resistant, and with high overall performance even after intensive use.
  • Front tire blocks optimized for better directional stability at high speeds.
  • High traction even on the most demanding surfaces thanks to the specific geometry and to the layout of the blocks on the rear tire.
  • Innovative carcass structure capable of supporting the bike's high speeds whilst ensuring high resistance to punctures.
  • Compounds tested in the most severe Rally Raids in the world: High resistance to hard wear and stable performance even over the longest stretches - maximum resistance to consumption and to tearing even over long distances.
  • Patented reinforced carcass structure: Reduction of the sliding effect (-10%) and decrease in the operating temperature (-10 C) - greater traction on all types of ground in any condition of temperature and speed.
  • Optimized block layout: High directional capacity of the front tire and effective traction on the rear - excellent control in bends for the maximum transfer to the ground of all the power available.
  • DOT approved.